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>> read em and we hope. what it costs to fuel up the days. toght san brun price f gaon rul just about 5 dollars a gallon. tension at
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the pump is really starting to hurt. gas praise have never been higher on this date as they are right now. triple a says the average state wide price of gallon of regular jumped 18 cents in the last week. 8 cents overnight. we are paying 4.32 a gallon ample. in fact whole sale price have become so high at least one independent station in southern california has closed temporarily. of our sister station in los angeles has more on that story tonight. >> there is no business. no business hear. market is dead. you know. how am i to come up with 20,000 dollars expense. >>reporter: charles owns low key independent gas station here. he had to shut down the pump this morning because purchasing gas for his station was just too expensive. and to make a profit he would have to charge nearly 6 dollars a gallon for regular unleaded. >> you see the prisons over there? 6 dolls. if i get gas
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purchase the gas rate now fr thcompan i he t sell at that preo ha 10 cent on the gas. >>repoer: prices sky rocket due to cut back in supply because of problems at refinery in california. exxon mobile in thorns suffered power failure. chevron pipeline shut down last month and richmond, california plant is operating at reduced capacity after a fire in augus august. for drivers like ryan who greatly depend on gas for work t burden this wk price hike is alst too much to bear. he cleans pools and says he has no choice but to drive a gas guzzling truck. >> i try to take a smaller car i can't fit everything. >>reporter: other drivers just as frustrated. some point blame at the oil company. >> every three-month they make like 3 billion dollar in profit but they don't realize that how the economy is suffering. how the small business is sivshtion at a time when drivers are used to seeing prices drop, sudden surge is making a dent in the
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pocket book. many folk are wondering when it will get better. >> makes me want to pay more attention to the presidential election coming up. so i want to see what they have to say on the >>reporter: one more note. experts say we can expect gas prices to continue to climb for the time being. there is a new leader of the catholic church for 3 bay area counties tonight. >> i'm humble by the confidence that pope benedict xvith has placed in me. >> that is the new archbishop of san francisco. installation was a moment of pomp and protest. vl lee ann has the story. >>reporter: mood outside the ka that he had rall was festiv festive. hundreds of catholic came to witness the installation of the new leader in san francisco. >> i think it's a big day for catholics. all the bay area. yes. >>reporter: escorted by security officers the priest
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waved to people waiting outside the cathedral. he followed tradition as he entered through the bronze doors. not everyone was allowed to witness the ceremony. only those pre-selected and with tickets could enter. outside a group of followers cheered him on. but gay activist also made themselves heard. he ace big opponent of same sex marriages. outside it turned that a heated debate. >> if the family as the catholic church between one man and one woman. >> he can say what he says but we don't agree. nothing wrong with being gay. nothing wrong with our right to marry. here to stand against his installations the archbishop of sanrancis. >>repoer: b the spesperson for the archdioceseays he's willing to listen. hreal wan to listen to people in the parishes. he wants to hear their needs. >>reporter: he recently found himself in an awkward position after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in late august. shortly after he
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issued this statement. i apologize for my error in judgment a feel sham forhe disgrace i haveroug upon e church andyself. >> i sort of t it in the same ballpark family. o mily might have sebody in the family make a mistake and family gathers around and supports and i think that's exactly what is happening here. >>reporter: but today the message was about unity among catholics. these young students from saint john school say they are positive about their church. >> from what i ow i think people are going to be a little more interted. >> our community will take a bigger step in respecting and paying for things. >>reporter: his first service will take place this sunday in east palo alto at church that according to the archdiocese has many latino immigrant. in san francisco, lee ann, bc 7 news. n fr contra sta county hadied fm rabies ofcials sathe 34-year-d was tten ba ba in late
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march. he died july 31. we expect more information on this at news conference scheduled for tomorrow. state parole board panel recommending parole for charles manson follower. imprisoned for 40 years. bruce davis convicted with manson and 2 murder unrelited to the infamous sharon tate murders in 1969 this was the 27th of parole hearing. davis turns 70 tomorrow. oakland police chief is asking for more help from the public tonight to stop the rising murder rate in the city and his plea comes at the same time his department is under the threat of a federal take over. nick smith is on the story. >> i think a lot of these issues are in pockets where if you are playing with that crowd then that's what's going to happen. >>reporter: she appears to be right. she opened the barbecue here 10 months ago. knows about the violence that plague the city but it has avoided her and the restaurant. she thinks she knows why. >> we communicate with the
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people in the neighborhood and look out for us. >>reporter: communicate. that's what oakland city leaders are trying to do. >> many in our community are reluctant to come forward with information. >>reporter: oakland police chief jordan led a press conference focusing on the city effort to reduce crime. rash of gun violence left 5 people dead in less than 24 hours raising the number of those killed by gun violence in the city of oakland to 90. today the department introduced tip watch. new tool to fight crim crime. >> this is one of many ways that you can help reduce violent crimes in oakland. >>reporter: those submitting tips can not be identified b police or service provider. information is encripted and web secure. the service allows information to be sent anonymously by text messaging or e-mail. county top law enforcement official says community involvement is key. no one should live in fear. >> people are starting to feel empowered. that's a shift i'm seeing for those in t community. we are making people look a
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what oakland a little differently and briing economy here. >>reporter: and making them feel empowered. crime and how it is handled in the city of oakland continues to be an issue. oakland police department remains under scrutiny for ignoring court order reform issued in a lawsuit. now attorneys sug the ty have until midnigh tonight to fileheir motion requesting that the feds take over the oakland police department. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> the woman accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter at morgan hill safeway store after botched shoplifting attempt is now in the custody of the santa clara county sheriff's ofce. e wa arrestedast week neva hol awe rerted th her 11 month old son and male companion. she was extradited and handed over to sheriff deputy who transported her from nevada today. police say the 38-year-old l woman left her 10-year-old daughter behind when she was caught shoplifting a cart of grocery. she faces burglary and child endangerment
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charges. now we have some great news for a little san jose girl whose puppy was stolen as we told you. the 2 were rae quantityed late today. burglars took 5 month old dog this past mopped after stealing all sorts of the family possession. corina was there for the very happy moment. >>reporter: this ace cheerful surprise reunion between the puppy and 10-year-old companion marissa. >> i thank everybody who made this happen. i just can't believe he's in my arms righ w. i ough itould be ing forev. jusso happy hereight now. >>rerter: teves sle h on mday ring a me bulary. we rerted th llous imeesteay. in additiono hefty reward fund set up by city council member and police and fire union, marissa was offering the content of her piggy bank for the safe return. today real
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came forward saying a woman gave her the puppy yesterday after finding it wandering in a parking lot in loss ban os. >> you can have him. i just found him right now. i don't know who is it is. maybe you can have a good home for him. >>reporter: amid hug and tears police officers presented her with 6000 dollar reward check but she told marissa she could keep her piggy bank full of money. marissa mom is thrilled the puppy was found so quickly after the plea for help went public. >> you have made an amazing ending. i couldn't ask for anything better. and it's definitely something we will never forget. we'll make sure everyone l knows it. >>reporter: after 4 day ordeal the puppy now home. family couldn't be more grateful. >> just happy that he's safe. and he's back with our family. he's going toe safe no matter what now. report: police believe out of town thieves targeting san jose stole the puppy along with
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tens of thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment and then dumped the stolen puppy when they realize his photo was on the internet n.san jose, abc 7 news. we have a lot more to bring enthusiastic thursday night. coming up. american air lanes says it has gotten to the bottom of the seats coming unhinged and the blame may lie with passengers. we have that story ahead. >> also the blue angels have begun the practice run over san francisco. you will see the heavily guarded secret weapon they have brought with them this year for fleet week. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. blue angel and many other activity this weekend. will we see more sun than clouds. find in and out ctn weather focast coming. >> on up t do and like ole bunch smoke. >> also. braveoungoman les the way rescuing an entire family. cght on tap jumping from burning bldi
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>> there's a familiar sound for fleet week fans. blue angel spent the afternoon practicing those jaw dropping maneuvers that they are so famous for. they will be out practicing again tomorrow before the saturday and sunday prformanc as wl. ifou were anywhe along the san francisco waterfront today you could not help but notice them overhead.
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a lot of sailors in town as well. wayne has the story. >> just when it seemed safe to take a nice quiet walk in san francisco. no need to duck or hover, this is fleet week. >> i love the formation. that they make. just the show itself. i love the sound. >>reporter: and if you can catch a blue angel on the ground he will explain the process behind today's the landmark as check points. >> i'm flight leader i look for the check points. the check points that awill you me to get in and out of the show box safely and effectively. >>reporter: across the bay coast guard island in alameda fleet week is more about inner service softball tournament. the navy and marines against the coast guard. have you ever wondered how these guys play so well when on ships most of the time? do you play in the ship. >> yes. >>reporter: where does the ball good. >> hit a wall. going to hit so we are all right with it.
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won't be home runs. >>reporter: speaking of ship and ship mates. technician michael jones and aj young had about 10 free hours in the city today 10 hours doesn't leave a lot of room for adventure. >> that's the rules. >>reporter: maybe it has to do with dna because moments later adventure found them. model guy with a camera. photo op. >>reporter: are you corrupting the navy. >> oh, no i wouldn't did that. reporter: not even in the spirit of fleet week. i thought you were going to get in trouble. >> i don't view that as trouble. just helping somebody out. >>reporter: clearly in the united states navy chivalry is not dead. along the embarcadero, abc 7 news. >> no it is not. hope they have a grit time while here. and the weather spencer is cooperating. >> lovely weekend. no heat wave any more. not terribly
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cool either. lots of sunshine daytime the and low clouds fog at night here's live view night tonight from the high defition camera. embarcero skies clear inldut we ve oudsow cloudsog alg e coast and more pushing into the north bay right now but the peninsula as well. spread very widely. looking at temperatures mainly in the upper 50's but milder readings 68 inland at antioch and these are our forecast feature clouds and fog thing and more wide spread overnight. partly cloudy to mainly sunny friday through sunday then chance of showers early next week. over nature tonight starting forecast animation 11:00 p.m. we will see clouds and fog out to the inland east ba ma parts north by a on tthe plan t so much on the south bay. overnight low mainly in
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the low mid 50's and resume the animation starting at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and going into the weekend we see partly cloudy mainly sunny skies. mild with upper level low which is sort of hovering offshore make a run at us on monday then drop down along the coast lane on tuesday and bot days chance of showers from the upper level low. dot expect them to be heavy or wide sprea spread. tomorrow we have wide spread sunshine in the south by with high pressure mainly in the low to mid 70's. 73 san jose campbell kawp tino. on the planes high of 69 at san mateo. 72 mountain view on the coast pretty mild despite the presence of low cloud fog 62 at pacifica. 64 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 64 tomorrow. 61 in the sun set district. north bay pleasantly cool to mild high mainly in low to mid 70'ss. 74 at calistoga. east bay look for high of 64 at berkeley 78 union city.
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inland east bay a little bit milder but not very warm. high mainly mid upper 70's. 74 at concord. 75 danville. 76 livermore, 78 at brentwood and monterey bay high at68 and low to mid 70's inland and morgan hill gilroy and holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooling continues rate into early next week. high pressure inland only in the 70's. upper 60's around the bay and upper 50's on the coast and we might have a sprinkle or 2 or couple showers widely scattered light monday tuesday then dry out on wednesday thursday so forecast is looking good. certainly a great weekend for all the out door activity and should have good visibility with all the fun in the sky with the blue angel. >> excellent that's perfect svrption thanks very much is that bay area medical research unlocks the secret to building a human heart. >> disturbing new development tonight in the death of border
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>> abc news learned that friendly fire may to blame for the shooting death of border patrol agent this week. nicholas ivy was killed in arizona on the mexican border. second agent was also wounded. mexin authorities eolding men who may connectedo te shoong. >> aerican airnes says it has now figud out whatts causinthe ses com unlted. company says the problem lie was what is called the state lock plunger mechanism getting worn out then further eroded by soda and drinks spilling on them all the time. american says the mechanic are working on a fix. it could delay or even cancel somelights through saturday. >> now to some medical research in san francisco. most people
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understand how easy it is to break a heart but how about making one? t health science reporter carolyn johnson looks at blue print on how we treat heart and print on how we treat heart and heart disease >> even through a microscope there is no miss taking the rift mick beating. living heart cell were created in a bay area lab and help researchers unlock the secret of how a heart becomes a heart. >> helps to have a blue print. to know what switches exist. how they are connected and what they turn on or shut off. >> so bruno and his team at san francisco glad stone institute set out to map the genetic switches locked inside the dna of of stem cell to see how a stem cell becomes a heart cell. >> with these the modification are doing is they are setting the right switches to turn gene on or off so that a heart cell in this case gains its heart identity. >>reporter: to begin
9:25 pm
researchers jeffrey alexander coax millions of stem cell taken from mice into becoming beating heart cell, process didn't in petrie dish and they mimic the environment in the woom. not always a pre-size sigh he says. >>y weekend sometimes wou hinge on whher i came in and saw the cells or not. >>reporter: once the team had enough of the beating cell they began watching them as they grew and developed painstakingly extracting the dna and cataloging the dna changes. possible made possible by the development of powerful new gene sequencing technology. >> this cost 3 billion dollars to one individual dna now we do the same person dna in a week for 3000 dollars. >>reporter: still it took massive network of computer to organize the data into a color-coded genetic blue print detailing the creation of heart cell. while having the blue
9:26 pm
print conjure up image of agreeing heart but the impact might be preparing them or heading off birth defect in babies before even pwoyvrnlt we potentially co-part of the attraction to understanding the blue print especially this type, is that it is very aamenable to drug type intervention. >>reporter: the team hopes to study did the na born with heart disease and identify the consist ruption that cause the heart defect in the first plac place. possibly identify treatment that can turn the switch back to normal. changing the lives of some 35,000 babies born with heart defect in the u.s. he have year. >> that's carolinohnson report snooing breaking news we discovered during the report. this is live picture of the bay bridge as you can see the vehicle is on fire. we think it's an suv that is burng. fairly ferociously and on the upper deck coming into san francisco. close to the fremont exit almost all the way
9:27 pm
across the bridge. shut down couple lanes of traffic right around the fire. it's really burning the vehicle utterly destroyed by the time this is over. we didn't know whether anyone was injured but heats hope everyone got out okay and it's the car that is burning. again leif picture from the bay bridge tonight. >> moving on mt romney takes adntage of ts w momeum aerast nit esidential debe. wh we comeecome re toght. yr voice yo vote. 7 ns fact check olast nature face off. plus the one thing that matters even more than the truth. also even more than the truth. also what political punditl
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>> we are going all the way to washington. paul ryan and i are going to getmerica on track.
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>> mitt romney speaking in fisherville, virginia this evening. huge crowd watched as music and fireworks capped the campaign event. well room any is certainly riding high after last night strong performance in the presidential debate. advisors are already capitalizing announcg a series of ads and renewed push to build their smaldonor base. in a very frank admission obama campaign will make strategic changes after the disappointing showing last night. political pundit are just as blunt. >> i don't know what he was diagnose out there. he had his head down. he was enduring the doe bait rather than fighting it. >> it lookedike mney wanted to be there and president didn't want to be there. >> when you go to 5000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust i don't know. >> good or bad mitt romney and -- did room any and the president tell the truth last night. mark tonight with the fact check. >> president accused romney of
9:32 pm
proposing tax cut for the rich that will hurt the middle class. >> average middle class family with children would pay 2000 dollars more. >>reporter: fact check. president numbers are shakey. 5 trillion is romney proposed tax cut over the next 10 years. the president number assumes that there will be no change from increased economic growth. when it came to the health care debate romney made a similar assumption. >> i can't understand how you can cut medicare 7 16 billion dollars for current cipient onedicar. >>repoer: fact check that 7 16 billion dollar projection. the president plan saves that much money by limiting payments to insurance company, drug company and hospitals. and they have all agreed to those reductions. soless tonight both men were relaying on own assumptions. the facts sometimes took a beating. >> think basically pele a judgg on the perfmance itse. on who seemed more confident. more relaxed.
9:33 pm
>>reporter: sov news political analyst bruce king says nobody is judging the debate on most factual argument. both men stretched the truth to fit their assumptions. but based on performance mitt romney was the wish. it will help him in the poll political analyst says it's hardly the bottom line. >> i think the most important thing that happened last tonight was not so much that the race will tighten but that the money is now going to continue to flow into romney coffer. >>reporter: professor cain believes before the days bait romney campaign was lacking like a lost cause. financial backers needed to see a turn around and they did. if the president was relaying on just the facts, last night should be a wake up call. >> you have to make the case yourself and you have to do it with a certain amount of passion and energy and that's not something that we saw last night. >> in the debate we saw mitt romney move towards the middle. we saw the president fail to anticipate that move and make the most of it. as a result the race is now a ttlele close
9:34 pm
closer. in the newsroom, 7 news. and hours after the debate and already tune gregory brother tunes base ed on the news and here's st of th rendition of e dete. >> oma. romney. as president i will sit down day one sit did you know with think about the issues talk about challenges. ♪ part of being a leader is not just significant i'll sit down. you tend tdo. kay. movingn no tohe economy get better soon. i lov big bird. i like pbs you too but i'll stop the subsidy the pbs i work this out of our budget. are you going to tax people ♪ if [ singing]
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bring down rates double down on the top down. simplify the code ♪ double double down. >> on the base. >> all over the internet as you can imagine. pretty clever. take as lot of work all right. >> on that note we move on and leave the debate behind. one final word. up next. scottish man dies and when he does he take the town whole language take the town whole language with him. 7 news
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>> in new jersey a mother and 5 chilen arekayfterumping toafetfrom the trd sty apartmenflamesraed th inside. t terfying mont we allaught on tape. here's the oldest one describe wagon happened. >> i jump out the window right there and landed right here on
9:39 pm
the awning and fell out rate here and help my family. >> people start coming. >>reporter: those people helped catch the rest of the family as you can see. first came 14-year-old girl tn th 8 and 9-yeaold then the year-old whoumped while holding on to her mother. amazing. family suffered bruises strains couple broken toe but obviously it could have been so much worse. >> contra costa county courts are gearing up for round of drastic painful cuts. we have learned that those who suffer the most are those who can least afford it. vick lee investigates the story in tonight assignment 7 report. the the. >> contra costa county superior court announced last month it will close 6 courtrooms. this because it lost millions of dollars in recent years in state funding due to california budget crisis. the court shut down are mostly in the east and west of the county. this is
9:40 pm
where contra cta cnty minoritynd poostf the resint li. in rimondthe juvenile law courtom wil close. cases will bmoved all the way to the main courthouse martinez in the centl part of the county. the same thing will happ in pittsrgh. wh its juvenile family courtrooms go dark t.she head the bar association. >> these are folks who have least amount of income. least access to public transportation t.and least amount of resources of anybody else in the county. yet they are being the made to take the brunt of these budget cuts. >>reporter: lawyer dan fice in richnd bieves th tsiolate the la. >> when e change to a court are con in a mapper where people are fundamentally deprived of their ability to
9:41 pm
have job in the court. taking away their constitutional right to access. >> hamilton unemployed college student who has a child custody case in richmond juvenile court. like many resident affected by the court cuts he has no car. he now lives in oakland which is a fairly quick 30 ment trip by bart but when the crt closes here hamiln wi havto ta barfrom oakld to denorth then wt cap bus martinez. trip that could cost more and could take an hour and a half ichltd that means i have to leave at 7 or 6:30 at least get up around 6 or 6:30. >> many people here walk to court have to take local transportation public transportation which is relatively in the general area but to go to martinez it is fundamentally impossible for me.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: police are worried about the court closure and whether much longer trip to martinez will affect cases involving troubled teens. >> might be more missed court date where if the court was here they would be more inclin to go to theourt date. the the fily courtrm in pittsrgh scheduled to close its doors at the end of month. court officials martinez never responded to our request for an interview. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> around the world news. riot police in greece stop shipyard workers demand to go meet with government officials not getting paid for months. demonstration and strike are common in greece as the government imposes strict austerity programs to deal with the financial crisis. >> in turkey police use tear
9:43 pm
gas on ti-w activt trying to march on e ofuildin oss borr raid intsyria were approved. it's in retaliation for mortar attack from syria that killed 5 turkish civilian. unleashed a hail of artillery at targets inside syria. turkey prime minister says he does not want war with syria but says he will protect the borders and retaliatewhen nessa. >> sce of ottish hair tan nownly a part of story. whennto oeld die lst wee in the northern sco acknowledge village took with him his naked language. ♪ [ singing] he was the last known person who knew this dialect. it has a strong bible influence with thee and thousand and hog
9:44 pm
might be used what is your trouble. desperate for tea and if very drunk. >> i wish i knew how to say still ahead. a lot going on this weekend in the bay area including music festival in including music festival in golden gate parkl
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♪ take a letter maria ♪ address it to my wife ♪ the biggest hit. we learn today he died of prostate cancer on september 27. he was 68 years old. you should know that he had a talented family. his uncle was the legendary r&b singer sam cook. he sang tunes
9:48 pm
like twisting the night away. >> this is most haven'tful weekend the bay area has ever seen with more than half dozen major he haven't happening at e same time. we have already talked about fleeweek. here's arts entertainment reporter don sanchez more of look. >> hardly strictly blue grass is musical treat in the park. tribute to the founder. superstar at the 35 mill valley film festival and appearances by these actors. between friends explore the stop motion animation production and now in museum in the presidio. legendary helen ready returns to the stage with this hit. testimony bay area institution grea jazz music monday night
9:49 pm
at this. great wall west grand avenue in oakland remarkable performance. friday night behind the pixar screen personal work by artist at pixar. rediscovered fascinating shop at the uc campus able of change now showing in the bank croft lottery. >> art exhibition features work >> art exhibition features work by them now showing thisenteras visionor preservi latin cuural art celebratin any abc 7 news with so many big event we have a map on our welcome back site and how to avoid hot spots. pwoyt is exciting time. so much to diand the weather is cooperating. spencer is here. >> start with big weather event today that was big cool down
9:50 pm
from yesterday mainly 90's and side by side today much much cooler. clover dale 21 degree degrees. petaluma 22 degrees and wul night creek. take planner tomorrow lots of activity over the san francisco waterfront tomorrow. 10:00 o'clock but at 1:00 p.m. partly sunny skies blue angel doing their thing in the sky. america cup races sunday temperature 63 degrees and over in golden gate park tomorrow we have thbluerass festival 10:00 o'clock in theorni it's cloud and cool and sunny year mild in the afternoon hours. here's 7 day forecast. current cool down continues all the way that next week. pleant weekend. temperatures mainly in the0's mid 60's arnd the bay a light chance for scattered showers. looks good to me.
9:51 pm
>> many we have all the sports tonight going on. >> part the 49ers. and giants. college and pro rank. giants prepare to open theplay o against theeds zito talks against theeds zito talks about not bng
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about. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. local teenager fight to become an eagle scout. why his scout troop though is denying his dream. >> plus the daily coffee fix and new research on shedding light on how it affect your eye sight. you know it affects your mood. see how it affects your vision. more on 11 on channel 7. rick lots to talk about. >> yes. giants know it's couple indicates away. 2 wd card gain in the original series open saturdayithhe san francisco and oakland in action. the giants went through light work out late this afternoon at at&t park. next up the central division
9:55 pm
we know san francisco we understand a world 60 in third years. that is not the case this time. >> i'm glad to be healthy this year and be able to make every start and having fun is everything. so i plan on having more fun when i get out there. >> when you get in post season play intentionally so much perfect for every pitch every out so definitely it's more intense. >>reporter: game 1 is saturday at 6:30. madison will start game 2 on sunday. manager bruce isn't sure if he will go with tim or zito with game three. a's arrive in detroit. saturday 3:00 o'clock. oakland parker will likely get the start against justin bury lander. one done for bobbie
9:56 pm
valentine. red sox affidavit skype and 93 was its worth in 50. >> shout out of the jets the 49ers big favorite to take over ratted by the patriots 52-28. buffalo fell apart the second half allowing 6 straight touch down drives. forty-niner safety played 5 seasons with the bills. he says that team problems are often management related. >> i say that because a lot of guys out there, go out and pour their heart night and you never win. never go out there and feel like newer control of football gales. if comes om coaching. fom uthe. i think that coming the right players. i unthat still a gamble can't allow them to do this. >> on thursday night football. arizona at st. louis on ram
9:57 pm
first possession. bradford up for t danny who makes a great one hand grab. he would later leave with soldier injury. scramble before hitting his ow own. first last of the season frame. 3 straight losses cal will pwouvrj back ucla. weekly news conference the coach says bigew ll dinitely ore invoed wh theawe soov yards to cay bigew di't touch the ballonce during last night week to arizona state. i asked game for what we are done. ball could have g.o.p. to him but take it away. could good to home if they defense but if this he don't something happens. >> zero thayers. fans
9:58 pm
screeching their hand over there. certain things other guys do well. doing other things the guys are in there for and he wren 0vacation coach does great many depend tan on what we are diagnose all the time. usc takes on utah and salt lake city. bad snap then stripped of the call by nate buck pooh. at the time university led 14 nothing before the trojans readded bar bartcly. threw for more than 300 yards and 3 touches down. longest to wash each play 83. 38.8 now 4 d. teor the b gamsongr yle. cal astanfo 44 minute. noise on the keeper.
9:59 pm
maybe nothing dr. more mid with another. cardinals moves on to 5 and 5. with no new labor talk scheduled fers two week of the national hockey league season have been cancelled. the owner players trying to figure out how to divide 3 billion dollars next thursday. >> last time that happened. >> 2004. >> it hurt the leagueadly didn'tt. >> y. entire cancelled b i think the owner wuldhe car on this. see washingn hatches >> thanks. that's this edition of 7 news here on coffee tv 20. for all of us here, dan ashley thank you for watching hope you appreciate and check us out there and any time you there and any time you wish.take care see new an hour.
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